Monday, June 28, 2010

Blue Monday

Isn't there a song, Monday, Blue Monday? Well it was hot here again today. With the heat index, it was 100 degrees! I managed to get outside before it got too hot. I wanted to finish cleaning my truck bed, and put a coat of wax on the top. The tree sap had already gotten on the top of my truck, so I didn't even try to clean it again. I guess I will have to go some where, not under that tree and work on it. Don't know where that will be. I did get up in the bed and lube my hitch, and re-painted my "racing stripe" down the middle. I just have a line on the back of the hitch, to help me line up with the kingpin, I have a Good Sam sticker on it, and it makes it easier to hitch up. I guess you could use tape, or glow in the dark paint or tape. But I don't go any where at night, so just plain white paint does the job. I had the "jaws" painted white too, so I could see them better, make sure they are locked before pulling out. It looked like it might rain, so I brought in my ladder. I wanted to put my glass jar, to my new blender up in the cabinet. I did figure out how to use my old plastic one. It is not as pretty, but a lot easier to handle.
The rain did come! So nice and cool. I could use a little more of that! Looks like the hurricane will clip south Texas around Brownsville. We need the rain, but hope it doesn't do any damage. I am pretty far from south Texas, but hopefully will get a little rain!

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