Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

Today is the first day of summer. Really not a change here in Texas. I see Arizona is already having forest fires. A careless camper dumped his campfire coals, and started it all.
I keep complaining about blogger and having to sign in. Today I discovered on the new blogger, upper right hand corner, a chance to save your password. Maybe this will work. But seems like I still have to set the font every time, and when my post is published, it is different than when I wrote it, go figure.

My truck washing yesterday really got to me. Every bone and muscle in my body hurts today. I didn't do much, just rest. Looked over some jewelry, pricing it and sorting. I used to have a booth in a craft mall with an assortment of jewelry and other items. Some I made, Hematite bracelets, and necklace, plus a glass bead bracelet. I thought if I found a flea market I might try to sell them. I also have a nice assortment of incense. It is too hot for an outdoor market, but I hope I can find one indoors. I may just end up listing them on e-bay.

I have been studying how to get online with my Droid phone. I had to download Verizon's VZmanager. Now which plan to try? All plans are less money than their air cards at $59.99 per month. BUT, will I be able to get online with my phone, when in locations where there is no WiFi? Don't know, still researching. I think I found another way to do it without paying anything, but again I think you would have to be in a cell phone range, just maybe not have WiFi. There are some RV parks in NM where I like to stay, but they don't have WiFi, but good cell service. Must do more studying.

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