Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just slow days and Hot, Hot

Very hot and humid here for the last two days. Not much going on. The park looks to be about half way full. The pool is open, and looks inviting. Paid my electric bill yesterday, $ 143.00 and it's not even really hot yet! I have been trying to turn off all lights when I am not in the room, and turn off electric hot water heater. It doesn't take but 10 mins to heat up. Still didn't help. I am thinking of moving to another Thousand Trails Park. I can stay two weeks at a time, without paying anything, but then I would have to move to another park. Just don't know if I am up to moving every two weeks. I need to work out my internet connection before that happens. I have dial up here, and WiFi when I can get it, which is not very often. I did learn from Geeks on Tour I can get online with my Droid Cell phone. Must find out more about that.

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