Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wally World

I made it to Wal Mart fairly early. I had to stop by the Post Office and mail some letters, which didn't take me long.
Last night I decided I was going to make a milkshake. Drug out my old, and I do mean OLD blender. Well the thing smoked like a camp fire! So I thought I would replace it while at Wal Mart. I know I bought that blender in the 1970 s when I was at my first Computer job. It's been a good one. The one I bought is only 450 watts but after all I am not looking to live another 30 years. All I wanted to do was make some smoothies anyway. It has a glass jar, I would really prefer a plastic one because of the weight, and I find it is heavy to try to pick up and pour out of. I guess I can order a plastic one from Oster. I am disappointed that no recipe book came with it. Also have to go online to Oster I had forgotten that Sunbeam makes Oster! I thought my old plastic jar would fit the new one, but no such luck. I was tired, and still haven't put all my "goodies" away. Again, I missed lunch. I am not good at timing my lunch.
I have so much trouble with this Dell computer, every time I set it to hibernate, I loose something! This time it was my blue tooth mouse. I am so used to using it, I don't know how I ever managed without one. I have a mouse on my other computer, but it is connected by wire. This is so nice, not to have all those wires. I finally had to remove the device, and re-install it. I did figure out how to use my web cam. I took a picture of me, turned out pretty good. I am in my nightie, so I won't publish that one. Hate to make everyone sick! I will take another one, hopefully with clothes on.
My cook top wouldn't light, and after making several trips outside, I discovered I am completely out of LP. I thought I had one full tank, guess I had them both turned on. I know I haven't bought LP since last winter. Another chore to take care of.

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  1. I was so happy to find a blender (Black & Decker) with a glass jar! Do you realize how rare it is getting to be to see anything in glass anymore? I keep reminding myself that plastic is made from petroleum. I know it doesn't weigh as much, but I still prefer the glass.