Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Clean Truck Bed

Four days in a row of 100 degree heat. But, I did manage to get my truck bed cleaned out. It was full of tree limbs and leaves. Parking under this tree is not good. The sap is really flowing this year for some reason. I had to get my ladder out to get in the back of my truck, no easy task for an old lady. I got my hose, broom and wash bucket together before I climbed in. I keep some wooden boards in the back, just in case I need them for leveling or someone else needs them. I brought my work gloves too, I promptly dropped them! Finally got all the tree limbs and leaves swept out. Got my wash bucket and hose and washed the top. It is so black with dirt,sap and tree "gunk" I really had to scrub. I think I should wash it again. I sat on the edge of the bed, to catch my breath and thought about my hitch. I had brought the black spray paint, and the hitch looked dry so I spray painted it. I am trying to keep it from rusting. I had thought about buying a cover, or maybe just a tarp to cover it with, but that would mean climbing in the back every time I wanted to use it! I really intended to lube the hitch before I got out of the bed, but I had left the lube in the RV. I will save that for another day.
If I can get out of bed tomorrow I am going to Hillsboro to the Wal Mart. It is a 40 mile round trip, so I usually try to get every thing I need in one trip. With diesel at $3.00 a gal I can't just jump in the truck and run some where everyday. My truck gets pretty good gas mileage, for a one ton dully. Driving solo on the highway I average 17 mpg. Yes, I doubled checked and that is correct. When towing it drops to about 10 mpg, depending on the terrain. I friend of mine had one of those "chips" installed on her truck and she says it really helps her on gas mileage. She has a one ton, four wheel drive, not a dully.
I have had my shower, washed and dried a load of clothes, fixed supper, so I am tired and about ready for bed. I tried to download Open Office last night, it took so long I just went to bed! I may try again tonight. I am using dial up tonight, and it is very slow,but then so am I!

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