Sunday, June 20, 2010

What's Up????

What is up with Blogger? Every time I try to post I have to reset my font size! Is it me?
Seems I have to sign in to blogger more often that I used to, to get their New Blogger?

Maybe I am just tired tonight. I worked on my truck all day. Washed it again to get that nasty tree sap off. Then I tired to wax just half of the hood in the shade. I admit it does look better. The stuff I used is 2001 liquid wax. I did the front fender on the passenger side. Looks good. It is hard to tell on a white truck, but after lightly buffing it does shine. I will put two coats on, directions say it should last a year, even through car washes! After that I was pretty tired, so I spent the rest of Sunday just watching TV and talking to a friend on the phone. Tried to call my Step Dad to wish him a Happy Fathers Day,but got no answer. Had a nice meal of my leftover veggies and a blueberry muffin I had made a day or two ago. Tired and ready for bed. Maybe ,just maybe I can get the rest of the truck washed tomorrow.

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  1. I haven't had problems yet with font size, but it really is irritating to have to sign up the userid and password when leaving the first comment. After that Blogger leaves me alone, but if my computer gets shut off part of the day and I go back on, I will have to go through the id & password thing all over again. I wish there was a simple alternative to Blogger.