Tuesday, June 29, 2010

???What's that I hear???

Rain! So nice. Some time in the middle of the night I heard it. It was really coming down. I had such a horrible night before the rain. I couldn't breathe, my sinus was so stopped up, I turned the fan on and it seemed to make it worse. When the rain started it seemed to help me, and so to sleep I went. Slept too late. I had in mind getting LP today. Although there are no maintenance workers here on Tuesday. I need help getting the tanks back up in the 5 er. I can get them off OK and take and get filled but I cannot lift them back on when they are full. Then it began to rain again, so I had a good excuse for not getting them filled. My BAD!
It looks like the hurricane is moving closer to South Padre Island and people are beginning to leave. I would too, there is a long causeway, and it is jammed packed when the weather turns bad. I love south Texas, but I wouldn't want to live there! I had thought of leasing a spot in San Benito,Texas, that is in the Valley, but still close enough to go to the beach. But last time there was a hurricane, that park was under about a foot of water. It really doesn't have to rain very hard there for the streets to flood. I can just see me trying to get this big rig ready to roll. Once when I was staying there the water came up to the steps on my RV. My poor dog's bladder was about to burst! She wouldn't go out in the rain and neither would I!
So it's been a lazy day for me, studying Geeks on Tour tutorials about using my Droid phone to Geotag my photos! I am slow to learn, but I love my Droid phone more and more. I am sure there are other smart phones that will do that, but I have a Droid by HTC, it is a little hard to learn, no instruction book came with it. To Geotag a picture, there's an app for that. It's great, that way when you transfer your photos to Picasa, it will show a map, with red balloons, then when you click on the balloon, your picture opens. So you could, in effect mark your route to certain RV parks, or other points, then view the actual place. I have not been able to master the voice recorder. I can work it, but play back is so low I can't hear it. Well, guess that will give me something to do!

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