Friday, June 4, 2010

Travel Day

I got a late start for my trip to Ft.Worth. I needed to stop by the Post Office to pick up my mail. I use Escapee's Mail Service, I knew If I didn't get it today, then it would be Monday. So I had to double back to pick up hwy 174 though Cleburne,TX to go to Ft.Worth. I did my business and decided to go to Camping World. I, once again, missed my lunch. I am Diabetic, and I REALLY need to take care of my diet better. I carry a "snack" in my truck, and in my purse, but it sure doesn't replace lunch! I ate my snack on the way to CW, still didn't feel good. But I did look at the new RV's parked inside. Mc Clains's RV has a lot there, and a few RV's parked inside, in the cool A/C. There was a interesting looking class C. looked like it was built on a Medium Duty Truck. The hood was up, and all I could see was the word Sterling. I peeked inside, looked like the entertainment center was in the overhead part, and also a bed. I caught the sale price on the door, $109.000.00! Way too much for me. Then there was a class A on sale for over $200,000.00
Nice to dream! I looked for the fan I was interested in, but couldn't make up my mind. Also looked at Satellite dish, just day dreaming. I think I had eating on my mind, just didn't want to shop! I remembered there was a Red Lobster on the way home, so I wheeled it there. I was starving! I usually make it in time for the lunch, but that ended at 3:00 and it was 3:45. I ordered my favorite, fried flounder, baked potato and cole slaw. They serve those little biscuits, if I don't watch it, I fill up on them. When the waiter brought my plate I couldn't believe how much fish was on it! It was sooo good. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat it all, so I got a to go box. I will have enough for my supper tomorrow night. I went down I35 toward Waco,TX, hoping to angel off and go back though Cleburne again. No luck, it was 5:00 and the traffic was awful. I had to use I35 all the way to the Cleburne exit and then though the town to get back on hwy 174. Then from 174, I turn on hwy 933 though Blum, and finally to my park, Thousand Trails. Traffic was bad at that time of day, the sun was in my eyes the whole way. My vision is not good, and when my sugar is off it is really bad. But, Thank the Lord, I made it back to my little spot. Kandi was really glad to see me.

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