Saturday, June 19, 2010

Doing Chores

Not much going on here. I went to pick up my mail. I use Escapees Mail Forwarding and I have been just getting it every two weeks. So I always look forward to getting mail. I did get
my newsletter from Escapee's SOLO's chapter. Escapees are having their 50th year celebration in Goshen Indiana this year. I really would like to go. I feel like this would be my last chance to attend a Escapade. The SOLO'S BOF is having a pre rally at Bear Cave Resort , Buchanan, Michigan. Bear Cave was a stop on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. The Potawatomie Indians named the cave after the Brown Bears that were once common in the area. The Indians used the orange gel like high iron deposits in the water from the cave to paint their faces and clothes. We should be there during the annual sand hill crane migration. Lots of birds and wildlife. We will caravan to the Escapade (about 35 miles). I have been to Goshen before. I really enjoyed that Escapade, I was really "green" and learned a lot at the seminars. I drove up to Shipshewana (sp) to see how the Amish lived. Really enjoyable, would like to do again as I lost all my pictures from that trip. Then there is Ft.Wayne. One of the best Genealogical Library's around. So much to do. I have never been to Michigan, so that would be a treat too! I just don't know if I can swing it or not. A lot of miles, and diesel is about $3.00 a gal here. Have to really do some thinking. It would mean I couldn't make my trip "west" this year.

I stopped by the Family Center here at the park to see what was going on this week end. Fathers lucked out with a free pancake breakfast!
I stopped by the local grocery store and got some coffee, and some fresh squash, and tomatoes. I had a nice veggie meal tonight!

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  1. I think I would go for the Escapade. That is a nice area of the country, and certainly different than the west. I've been in Michigan several times, but never in the really northern part, which I'm hoping to see this fall.