Monday, September 27, 2010

Yakity Yakity

Sunday I watched my TV Church. Then seems like the phone rang all day! Talked to my Daughter in N.C., and my friend that lives about 150 miles north of here. Tried to trim Kandi's hair, but my hip hurts and I can't stand long. Have to rest and clip a little more.
Today I made the 70 mile (one way) trip to Ft. Worth to do a little shopping and see my no. 1 daughter. I made it to Sears, and was really getting "into it" when my hip starting hurting, but I was determined, after driving that far to do what I came for. I found a snuggle (as on TV) for my daughter Scarlett's, birthday which is Oct. 22 nd. I thought that worked out great, so I gave it to her early.
It was cold here last night and tonight. I didn't sleep good because I was so cold. So I got my blanket out from under my bed when I got in from shopping. It is going to be close to 40 tonight. I am tired, and ready to climb in my warm bed. Goodnight!


  1. Congratulations on making the 140 mile round trip! That's a decent day's drive in an RV, although I usually drove further than that. I've never gone anywhere near Houston but I would imagine the traffic is awful.

    Enjoy the cool weather.

  2. Nice trip. I bet your daughter loved her gift. We have been having 2 cover weather here also. Stay safe.