Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slow Day

Really haven't done too much in the last two days.
I went to the office yesterday to take care of my electric bill. Wow! I almost fainted. It was $214.00. I am for sure I will be leaving this park. I got out my maps, and The Next Exit, planning my next move. I still don't know for sure where I will head first. I may first visit one of the Thousand Trails parks that is within 150 miles of here. I can stay for 14 days without paying anything. But I am also thinking of heading to Deming, NM for the LoW's Octoborfest. I hate to be on the road in really hot weather. It is hard on your truck and tires. But I am so ready to move, I may just try it anyway.
For some reason I have been seeping a lot. I think because I am unhappy and don't know what to do, so I just go to bed. I will get things worked out. When I am sure, who knows when, but when I move I really move!


  1. You really need to get moving. I can relate to just crawling back into bed out of boredom, and it isn't good for you. Go for Deming! It may not be good for the tires but only one trip won't be so bad.

  2. $214.00 for one month. You must have a gigantic rig. Ours is 38', and I think the highest we ever had to pay for a month, has been $118.00. You did have a lot of hot, hot weather though. My goodness, no wonder you are depressed. I am with Gypsy. Move, move, move!!!