Friday, September 24, 2010


I was looking out my back picture glass window, about 5:30 pm, when I thought I saw a cat. My neighbors have a cat and I first thought it was out. A second look I saw a "bushy" tail, I thought, no cat, it is a young Coyote! He was very skittish, looking toward my neighbors, while sniffing the ground. I thought he took a bite of something, I was getting up to get my camera when he just disappeared into the brush and trees. Wish I could have gotten a picture. I had heard we had Coyotes in this park, but in the five years I have been staying here, have never seen one. To come out in daylight, he must have really been hungry or looking for water. My dog barks sometime at night when I don't hear a thing, maybe she hears the coyotes!
Just spent most of the day cleaning, now that I have hot water. Needed to wash a load of clothes. Talked to my friend in Quartzsite, they are just about ready to open their grocery store!

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  1. I love seeing coyotes. I know they are considered vermon in parts of the country, but I always feel like we are living in their territory. A beautiful and very crafty animal. Stay safe...