Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Doing Chores

A warm and humid day. I went to the office to see about my electric bill, but, no one was in the office at 2:00 pm. Went on to the post office picked up my mail. I had a letter from my eldest daughter. Was really glad to hear from her. On to Dollar General, to get my dog her "treat" and thought I would try their cheap brand of "bounce". Went to Brookshires grocery store. Had to drive around and around to find a place to park. Last week they had rump roast for $1.99 pound, and they still had them, so I bought another small one. That is a great buy! Cheaper than hamburger. They also had chicken breast for $1.19 pound, but they were such big packages, and they had skin and bones. I figured I would never use that much chicken as it is not my favorite meat anyway! I would like boneless and skinless chicken, even if I had to pay a little more for it per pound. I am dying to try the Italian Chicken recipe that Rick posted! It felt like a full day, even though I didn't get much done. Kandi was glad to see me, or, was it the treats?


  1. Dogs are usually self-centered and fickle. It was probably the treats! LOL - at least that's the way my dog is.

  2. Sounds to me like you got quite a bit done. Little steps, that's the way it goes when you get to be our age. stay safe.