Thursday, September 30, 2010

LP Dectors

My last few days have been mostly dealing with pain in my hip. I am sure everyone is tired of hearing about it! I am tired of having it!
I had gotten my electric blanket out from under the bed, because it has been dipping into the 40 s this past week. I wanted to wash it, so I got all my quarters out, my detergent, and dryer sheet. For some reason I thought I better read the washing instructions. Wash in warm water, then the drying instructions, air dry? What, I don't have a clothes line. It said do not use commercial dryer, or one in a laundromat. Well this blanket is old, and I thought I better not put it in the dryer, it might melt the wires and cause a fire. So I decided to just spray it good with Lysol, flip it over and spray the other side. Got one side done, flipped it and did the other side. My LP detector went nuts. I could not shut it off. Kandi was scared to death. She kept trying to get in my lap. I kept hitting the reset button. Then it would go off again! I finally decided to take it off the wall. So I got my screwdriver, and had to sit on a low stool, my legs spread apart, which causes my hip to hurt. Finally got it off the wall, but had to take the back off, there is a circuit board with wires running out. when I lifted the board the siren stopped, and the green light came back on. Never have I ever had such a time trying to reset one. I left it apart for a couple hours, just to make sure all the fumes were gone. By then I was in big pain, so I went to bed! After a couple hours I had to put it back together, and it seems OK now. I did look for my manual, I have a big "notebook" of all my manuals, for all the appliances, and receipts for work I have had done. Now my dinning table needs cleaning off again. It never ends!


  1. I hate it when alarms go off. I have the worst problem with smoke alarms. I don't think the LP detector in my rig ever went off, but the smoke alarm did, all the time.

  2. I do hope your hip starts feeling better. Mine is bothering me too, but I know my shoes are causing it and in a few days it will be ok. Have you gone to the Doctor about your hip? Stay safe.