Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nice Day

It has been a nice day. Talked to several of my RV friends. Hoping to meet up with them this winter.
I didn't do a lot of work, defrosted my ice maker, again! Seems the older it gets, the more often I have to defrost. I found out it is a lot easier to defrost before it gets too bad. While it was defrosting I laid down, went off to sleep. Shouldn't have done that, but guess I needed the rest. It has been humid, and I thought a little hot. Looked at my thermostat, and I had set it on 80! So I lowered it to 76 and now it's nice and cool. Watched Direct TV most of the day, everything else is re-runs. I had thought I would dump it, but I talked to them today and they offered me a deal I couldn't refuse. Three free months. So I will decide in December!
Enjoyed talking to my friend, leaving Oregon for Quartzsite. She is a vendor in Quartzsite, and will be selling again this year with two places. Jewelry in one, and discount groceries in the other. I am so hoping to make it there this winter to see my friends.

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