Thursday, September 2, 2010

Solar or not to Solar

I had been planning on getting Solar panels while in AZ this winter. I may try just adding another battery instead. I woke up to storms this morning, so that vetoed my plans for washing my rig and putting on my new tag. So, I did a little "work", little is the key word here. I defrosted my Uline ice maker. It is a stand alone ice maker, and I just love it, but seems like the older it gets the more often I have to defrost it, or it just becomes one big "iceberg" of ice. I think maybe there is a leak in the plastic line, or could be I am off level a little. In any case I read while waiting for it to defrost. I am very interested in linking two batteries together. I like to boondock in AZ desert, to visit with friends, and to save money! I had thought of enough Solar panels to keep my battery up, but now I am thinking maybe linking two batteries together. From what I have read today two 6 volt batteries linked together will have more AH (amp hours) than two 12 volts. One 12 volt group 24 deep cycle battery provides 70-80 AH
Two 12 volt group 24 deep cycle wired in parallel will provide 140-170 AH
Two 6 Volt golf cart batteries, when these are wired in a parallel series provide 180-220 AH.
So, the two 6 Volt golf cart batteries would be the way to go! Now to figure how many AH I would need ! I have a Honda 1000 generator to use for back up, to recharge the batteries. I just have a hard time pulling that cord! And I hate hauling gas to run it! I am lazy, fat and old! I need to see how many amps my new TV uses. I also have a small inverter to plug in my 12 volt plug, and then I can use my ac fan, charge my computer etc. from that plug. Boring enough?


  1. You sound like you really have studied up on this. I can't get past the first thought of it - should I get solar or not. If I have it installed will they tell me enough to be able to use it? I don't care how it works, I just want to know what it will do and for how long. I guess I want miracles.

  2. I am with Gypsy. We have a solar panel on the roof, but neither one of us know what to do with it. I guess I should read up on it, but then again, I would rather read other things. I do like saving money thought.