Friday, September 17, 2010

Lazy Lazy!!

I am just as lazy today as I was yesterday! I am just going to "melt" into the bed, no one will ever find me! My poor dog is getting as bad as I am. She takes a nap every time I do! Got to get the lead out and start moving around, before I can't.
We did have a nice shower this afternoon which lowered the temps a little.
My electric bill is outrageous to me. I really think they don't bother to actually read it. But, I did, and it wasn't off that much from what they had, so I guess they did read it. I have a big rig, 37 ft, and a washer/dryer. I just didn't think for one person, it should run that much. I don't do as much washing as you would for two people. Some people here in this park, wash and then hang their clothes outside to dry. My lease says you are not supposed to to that. I really don't want to do that anyway, I have allergies and I don't want the dust, bird stuff on my clean clothes! It cost $1.25 to wash a load of clothes, and $1.00 to dry, plus your diesel to go to the laundry, then haul the clothes inside, and back again. I will just have to "suck" it up, cause I am not giving up my washer and dryer. I am too old for that!
I did tell you I am older than dirt?


  1. I haven't minded going to a laundromat most of the time, and I certainly didn't realize it would run up the electricity so much. Of course it has been hot and the A/C uses a lot of elec. also. Better times are ahead.

  2. We have a washer and dryer also. Like a stack pack. It does cost a lot to run the dryer, but I think it is worth it too. I guess your rig is the same size as ours. Hope you get feeling better soon.