Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Water

I went to the Post Office today, then on to Wal Mart to do a little shopping. Picked up my meds. I missed my lunch, not smart. I didn't get home until 5:00. Backed in my driveway, makes it a lot easier to unload the truck. Went to get a glass of tea, and no water! I thought the water pressure was a little low before I left. Called the Ranger and he said there was a leak some where and they were trying to find it. I started filling my milk jugs with water to drink. This has happened before and it took three days to fix! I did get two gallons drawn up and my Pur picture filled. It is just aggravating because they don't seem to have anyone to repair things. I don't know if the whole park is out, or just this area. I think it is just this area, if so, I can drive up to the other sites and fill my water jugs. One time the transformer blew out, it took two days to get that fixed, but that was the electric company's fault. I might as well be boondocking!

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  1. It is always something. Hang in there, you will be out of there soon. Stay safe.