Friday, September 3, 2010

More Thoughts on Solar

I am still thinking about getting enough solar panels to keep my battery charged. If you travel/stay mostly in the southwest it is worth the price. I don't think solar would run your air conditioner, but with enough panels you could possibly use your microwave, TV, etc.This is a good place to get more information, free. they are Escapee members. There is a free book if you want more information. I already have a Catalytic Heater that uses NO electric. It is 99.9% more efficient than your furnace. My neighbor installed it for me, making the LP connection under the fridge. On the outside of the wall he installed a quick disconnect connection, so in the summer I could take it down and put in storage. I use it instead of the furnace. I hate to hear that furnace running, and it blows cold air, until the heat come on. It uses way less LP than the furnace. Mine is a wave 8, the largest they had. I keep the back window open just a little bit, and the one by the dining room table cracked also, for safety. In 2008 my daughter and I boondocked on the desert in Quartzsite,we were nice and cozy with the heater. We used candles for light after we had supper, it was wonderful. We stayed up until one am playing cards by candle light! I would like to get a lantern that has rechargeable battery's. I don't want to mess with Coleman fuel, but could charge the battery with my 12 volt plug, or maybe the generator. I think Camping World has them on sale now for about $37.00. Just trying to get ready for this winter! I want to boondock at Quartzsite, and maybe go over to the Slabs with the LoW group.


  1. It sounds like a good plan. After reading Barney's post today, I'm thinking about New Mexico this winter, but I'm still to unsure of my future RVing until the end of this month when I will have either sold the 5th wheel or get it back and return to living in it.

    Good luck - I'm not sure I could deal with an extended stay at Q or the Slabs. I wouldn't want to have to hitch up and drive somewhere to dump the tanks.

  2. Sounds like your plans are moving right along. I would love to see or visit Qaurtzsite, but not sure about the boondocking. Just not my thing.