Saturday, September 25, 2010


Very nice day with a good shower. It was very humid before the rain came! No sign of the Coyote. I keep looking out the back window, but guess he is long gone.
I washed my sheets today. That is really a job. There must be an easier way to get them back on the bed. If your RV is a "wide" body you might have a little more room than I do. Mine is not a wide body, I think it is 98" wide. Most of the wide body's are 102" wide. Being a little wider does make a difference, in the room inside the rig, and going down the road. Some roads are very narrow, and if you get into construction, with that cement divider in the middle, it can get a little close. Kinda scares me. One of my RV friends had a little Casita, she was going down one of those roads with the cement divider, clipped it, and it tore the whole thing up. It rolled, and just fell apart. They are all fiberglass. You might want to give that some thought if you are considering a Casita.


  1. Fiberglass has its pros and cons. It doesn't get leaks, which is a good point.

  2. I guess they all will fall apart if hit, but the fiberglass sure helps to keep the rain and wind out. Better than the old metal ones.