Thursday, January 20, 2011


Winds are really blowing today, with temps. in the 30 s I don't think I will make it outside. I had plans to do some "work" outside today, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I am supposed to be out of this park on Sunday, the 23 rd. It looks like rain, so I was trying to get things ready ahead of time, and maybe leave before then. I know you can't control the weather or predict it but it would be foolish for an old lady to pull this big rig in ice, or really bad wind. I try to be safe first and then do what I can do alone. 
I went to Wal Mart yesterday, had my list and of course forgot half of what I went for. It will just have to wait. They were completely out of insulin, can you believe that? I do have a spare, but it's getting close to having to open the spare. I like to keep a spare, just in case! I don't mail order my insulin, I can, but it is such a hassle. Has to be shipped in ice paks, express. I just as soon pick it up at the drug store.
I haven't talked to any of my kids in a week, guess they aren't too worried about me. That's good, I guess. My friends do call and check on me every few days. They know where I am and the phone number to the ranger here at the park. Ain't that great???


  1. Good to know that people know and care about where you are. That's nice.