Monday, January 31, 2011

Still sitting in Deming,NMI

I was supposed to move today, but........ the winds are horrible, and the weather man is warning of snow, and really low temps.  I figured I was safer  just sitting it out. I paid for two more nights. I still have to address my low tire on the trailer. In order to do that it is necessary to put the slide in, I am not able to crawl under the room to check it!
Went to the Family Dollar store today, looking for dog treats, but didn't find any. I did spy a area rug I might like to get for the hall way.
Then on to Pepper's grocery store. The "locals" seem to trade there, so I thought I would try it. They have a very good bakery/deli, but I contained my self and didn't buy any sweets! They had some good sales, one gallon of milk was $1.97, I usually pay $3.69 for a  gallon in Whitney. I noticed a lot of their products had the "Surefine" label. Isn't that IGA? 
I have got to tell you, for the first time in my life, I have a really bad case of "homesickness"! Surprises
even me! And of course all the news is about Egypt, and it will make our fuel go up, as much as ten to twenty cents a gallon more. That is not something I wanted to hear! 
The wind is really rocking my rig. I am thinking about putting the rooms in tonight. Maybe it won't act like it is going to take off flying! Warmer, too!


  1. Yes, those rising gas prices are definitely a concern. There may be some dark days ahead for many of us RV'ers. That storm carried on here this afternoon for a couple hours but all is quiet now. Probably a wise decision on your part to stay put & wait out the bad weather.

  2. We are getting that storm right now and it is a Blizzard.

  3. Winds are very strong here in Concan, Texas. Temps are also dropping by the hour. They even mentioned the "S" word here last night. I think you should stay put too.