Friday, January 7, 2011

Loves Truck Stop

There is a Loves Truck Stop right behind this motel. I thought the noise would bother me, but I don't hear anything. Kandi barks at people closing their doors, but I really don't hear any noise.
Last night was rough, I had trouble sleeping, got up in the middle of the night and took allergy tab. Then at six am the alarm goes off! Well I didn't set the alarm. Had to get up again, figure out how to turn it off! Slept late, had a cup of coffee I had brought a package of instant Folgers cafe latte I didn't know I had! I had Straight Up Latte, it was good. Then I tried Carmel Groove, it's good too. Glad I found it in the pantry in my RV. Had a cup of instant oatmeal, I brought from home for breakfast. In the Lobby they do have coffee, and a vending machine and ice machine.
Then I took a drive to the mall, went into Layne Bryant, nothing that I just had to have, then to Burkes discount store. My bank is close, so made a deposit to it. I will need it before all this is through. And for supper I went thru the drive thru at Taco Bell. Just barley made it. Not made for dullay's. 

Clouds are rolling in, expecting rain tomorrow. I hope to go see my grandson in Crowley, TX. I am not feeling very well, and my vision is really bad. I think it is all related to diabetics.


  1. I'm glad the noise didn't bother you or keep you awake. Hang in there - it won't be long.

  2. We stayed behind a Flying J once, in an RV Park, and it wasn't the noise, but the dust that drove us crazy. Every time a big rig would pull in behind the station, we would get a big cloud of dust. We were not happy campers. Hope you get to feeling better so you can see your grand son.