Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stupid Mistake I

It's been very cold here in the last few days, I have been using water off my holding tank, and drinking water I had saved for that purpose. Today I decided to hook up my water, and sewer. It is still 30 outside,but I did get the water hooked up. Went back inside to warm up, then decided to go back and hook up the sewer. I have in mind leaving the water dripping, so I needed to have the sewer hooked up. I bought a new end for my hose and was bending over looking at the sewer, to see which end to put in there, as the connector has different sizes on either end. I turned, and promptly fell face down in the gravel! I had tripped on my electric cord. I could not get up, no one around. So, I crawled in the gravel, ouch!! to where I could get hold of my RV and pulled myself up. I bruised both knees, and my right boob! But, I did get the sewer hooked up. Too much for this old lady! 


  1. You achieved your main goal with a few bumps & bruises along the way. Propbably better to trip over an electrical cord than a sewer hose though.....:))

  2. You must be carful, since you are on your own. I am just glad it didn't happen in the middle of the night in the freezing cold. Glad you got all hooked up though. Letting the water drip has worked for us.

  3. Sorry to hear of your mishap. Hope your feeling better