Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I left Pecos about 9:30 am. Wasn't in any hurry, I really didn't think I would drive all the way to Deming. I did not want to go through El Paso,TX just when people were getting off work. Traffic is horrible any time you go through, but really bad at 5:00 pm. I forgot about the time change and gaining an hour, so I found myself scooting through. I find the best way to do El Paso, is to get in the middle lane, set your cruse control at 55 or 57 (speed limit is 60) and just put the pedal to the metal! If you get in the far right land (for slower traffic) you might have to exit, or move over to let someone in. That is not always easy to do pulling a 37 ft 5 th wheel! Just the other side of Anthony, in New Mexico the highway in under construction, and you will find uneven pavement. It was a nice drive, and I arrived in Deming about 3:30. The road to the Low-Hi Ranch RV park was under construction! That is a 6 hour drive, and not an easy drive either. I got a nice pull through site with full hook ups. $80.00 for the week, including electric, taxes and motel tax! 
Got to say I am not feeling well at all. It has been cold, and windy until today. Cold today, but not much wind. Kay beat me here, she is parked on the row behind me, and has been very, very good about checking on me to see if I am OK. That is great for someone you just met! I didn't feel like setting up until today. I finally made it outside and took my time, set down on my little "stool" and did get level and unhook from my truck.Went to "Friendship" hour and saw a poster, turn off water and unhook hose, as it will freeze tonight. Great! I just got all that hooked up. Ah, the life of an RV'r. 


  1. I hope it will be warm in the daytime, even though the nights get pretty cold. Glad you made it safe and sound - now, just enjoy yourself!

  2. It's unfortunate about the cold nights & it's something we don't like either but it's the way it is in this neck of the woods at this time of year. Cold nights is one of the few things I do not like about the Southwest desert areas. As soon as the sun spills over the mountains the temps begin to climb & the days are fine. Maybe the warming sun's rays during the day will energize you & chase away those 'not feeling so good' Gremlins. Take care:))