Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Day at Deming

Another cold night. I wasn't cold under my electric blanket and my electric heater going in my bedroom, but I could hear the furnace keep coming on and blowing cold air. I got up to see what was wrong. The burners on the cook top would burn, so I knew I had LP. I had just turned on a new tank. I kept fiddling with it, but it never did warm. So, I went back to bed after turning the furnace off. I fired up my little Heater that uses 1lb LP bottles. That little jewel has saved my bacon more than once. Didn't take long to warm up the living room, but the water was frozen. I leave the furnace at about 55 or 60 so my water lines won't freeze. I think maybe the cause may be a fuse, but I didn't feel like checking it out today.
I went to town and checked out the price of diesel at the truck stop. It is $3.27 so a little cheaper here. Located the bank, and stopped and got DQ for supper. I had filled my fresh water tank before I left for town. Made a mess of that too. Oh well. 
I took a sinus allergy pill and hope it will help me breathe a little better. Still really short of breath, and I feel like I am running a little temp. 
I heard from one of my RV friends in Yuma, he has the same symptoms I have! 
Still haven't gotten my Insulin from Wal Mart. They said they would e-mail me when ready. This is the first time I have done this over the internet, would be easier if it works. I missed Happy Hour again today. I am not too Happy anyway! Maybe things will get better, it helps when the wind isn't blowing. My daughter Cherry and I were here in 2008, and I don't remember it being this cold or windy. We had a good time, went to Rock Hound State Park, and hiked some of the trails, looking for "rocks". Then went to town to the Rock Shop and bought them!!


  1. We stayed at Rock Hound 3 years ago for a night before moving south to Columbus & Pancho Villa State Park. Hope you get yourself to feeling better soon. We have a Legacy blue flame heater & rarely use our rig's furnace. Works great for us & would probably work great for you as well.....

  2. I just love those little heaters that use the 1# can of propane. They are so easy to buy, cheaper if you buy several at a time, and the heater works so well you really don't need to leave it on long - well, at least in a truck camper! Hope you figure out the problem with your furnace soon - it does take the worry out of having frozen lines and tanks.

  3. Sorry to hear you are still feeling bad. I think I would be calling Wal*Mart and asking what the hold-up is. You sure as hell can't go without your insulin. Hope you get your furnace figured out.