Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Motel Bound!

Today I took my satellite dish to my storage bldg. I had the service disconnected back in Sept. but still had the dish. That storage bldg. is another source of irritation to me. I sure would like to get rid of it. I do have some things in there that mean a lot to me, but I sure don't need to keep all the junk I have accumulated over the years!
Picked up my mail and in the Highway's magazine (Good Sam) featured on the last page was an article about Quartzsite! Makes me wish I was there now!
I went to the Dollar General store, got my doggy treats, and canned food. I also got me some "treats" for my Motel stay. I think I will have a microwave, so I bought some of those Hormel dinners, on the shelf. Doesn't require refrigeration. If I use them OK, if not then that's OK too.
Then I hit the grocery store for a few items, and got back here to my little abode about four. There is not a single soul up here in the pull through sites, or the row across from me. Kinda scary! Well, great news, a really cold cold front is on it's way. Gee, life just gets better and better!


  1. You can turn up the heat in the motel room, run all the hot water you want, and just take it easy and don't worry about the cold front. It sounds like you will be prepared so you don't have to go out in really bad weather.

  2. Maybe when your RV roof is done, you could request to move. We did Monday, and are very glad we did.