Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back up heater

This is my back up heater! I have used it, and I did use it for a couple of nights this week. It uses the one lb LP bottles, I think there is a larger one now, that uses the 2 lb bottles. I was running low on LP, it has been so cold, in the 20 s at night and not getting above 30 in the day time. I am still running on my fresh water holding tank, but will soon have to refill it or hook up my water. I had some gallon jugs of drinking water, and some bottled water stored for just this occasion. I did get out and get one 30 lb LP filled, so I upped the thermostat! I think being cold is a part of being OLD! 


  1. I have a backup heater just like yours, and it sure heats a small area very fast. It fogs up the windows though, so you have to vent it.

  2. We have back-up electric heaters, but that will cost as much as the propane when we pay our own electric. Stay warm.