Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cold and Windy at Deming,NM

I awoke to the wind just howling! I put my TV antenna down, afraid it would be blown off! The wind didn't die down until about 2 pm. I went out then and connected my water. I had run out of LP on one tank, so I switched to the other one while I was out side. I took advantage of having water to do some dishes and wash a load of clothes. Once again it will be freezing so I went out and again, disconnect the water line. Not very pleasant  vacation so far. I didn't even go to the Happy Hour today, yesterday it was really cold in the "bunkhouse" where they hold Happy Hour, I wasn't very Happy! I spent part of the day on the internet/phone with Wal Mart, trying to get my meds. transferred to Deming. I tried to get my Insulin before I left, but was told they didn't have any! Hopefully they will have it tomorrow. I have enough for awhile. Just don't like to run short.
Texas looks better and better! I am beginning to think it is time for me to look for an apartment in Ft.Worth, or close to Ft.Worth! I wasn't for sure I wanted to do that, but this trip has just about made up my mind!


  1. sorry it hasn't been a good trip for you so far but it will get the pic you can see the sand safe mother

  2. An apartment might be just what you need, although I'd pay for storage on your 5th wheel and keep it for a while if I was you. I have been living in an apt nearly a year out of necessity because of my eye problems, and I can tell you I won't ever do it again. I never did like apt. living! If I have to in the future, I will look for a small house to rent.

  3. Sorry to hear your trip is not going well. I was one of those that thought it would be good for you to get out and go. Hope things look up for you soon. Only you know what you need to do in the future.