Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baird to Pecos,TX

A grey and drizzlie day. I left Baird at 9 am, and I 20 was OK, not too busy. I got diesel at the Flying J, they did honor my discount card. It was $344 cash price. I drove about 256 miles to Pecos,TX (my mapping programs says it is 266 miles) A lot of big trucks on the road. I arrived at Pecos, around 3:20 pm. Tra Park is an Escapee's park. It's in the middle of nowhere! I have stayed here many times. No cable, and no TV unless you have a dish. It is $15.00 a night. Once again I just pulled in and hooked up to the electric. I still have enough water in the holding tank. I met a lady that I had seen in the Baird RV park, come to find out she too is heading to Deming,NM. So, guess she is also a LoW and Escapee. We talked a little while as she walked her two big dogs. We will meet up again down the road (DTR). 
I cooked a nice dinner and washed up the few dishes I had. I stopped at lunch and made hot chocolate and ham sandwich. Mostly using paper plates and bowls, but tonight I did make a mess.
I took some pictures as I went down the road and of this RV park, and for the life of me I can't find them. When I do I will post them. 
Now, somebody please tell me how to map my route using MS streets and trips, save to picasa to make a picture to put on my blog! I have done it, but guess I have had a senior moment or two!


  1. You are sounding 100% better now that you are traveling again. Enjoy! Sorry I can't help with the computer stuff because I don't use Picasa, but I'm sure you'll hear from someone. Take care and have a great time.

  2. Good for you!! You are moving right along. It's a shame you and the lady couldn't travel there together. A little convoy might be fun and you wouldn't have to feel like you are alone. stay warm... :)