Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Trying Day

I got up early and started trying to check the tire pressure in my tires on the door side of my rig. I keep them covered to keep the sun off. The ones on the other side are covered by the slide out room and don't require covers. I found they had 60 psi, and they should be at 80. I think that is too low to run on, so I dug out my little 12 volt air compressor. Got it hooked up by using a 12 volt extension cord to my truck. It is very slow. I should have started the truck first,but I waited a while before starting the truck. By that time the air compressor had turned off. I could not get it going again. So I brought the compressor inside and tried a different 12 volt plug, still wouldn't work. After reading the directions, it says if the compessor doesn't work, check the 12 volt plug and see if the fuse is blown. I have two in my truck, sure enough neither one would work. So I tried the air compressor in the rig, without the extension and it works. So I got another extension to plug into, and plugged it in the 12 volt in the rig. It worked. I continued airing up the second tire now. After about five minutes, it quits again! I did manage to get 72 psi in both tires before it quit. BUT, I still have the two tires on the other side to do. I am not sure I will be able to get ready to leave here on Monday. I may have to stay the rest of the month. I just can't work very long out in this heat. I also washed the front of my truck, to get the tree sap off, so I can see who I am running over! I was drenched with sweat. My sugar dropped too low. I was in bad shape by 2pm. I also washed my sheets, and finally got my bed made up. I tell you I am ready to crawl in it!

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  1. Be very careful out in that heat. Heat stroke and slip up on you, and you won't know your having one till it's too late. Take care, you will get everything done. Pidge