Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Neighbors

I awoke this morning to the sound of a "blower" running. Couldn't imagine what in the world was going on. I looked out the dining room window and low and behold my neighbors had moved out their trailer, and the lady that "hollered" at her husband when he was here to help me with a fuse, was out there using a leaf blower. She was blowing the leaves toward my rig! I thought Oh Great! All that dust. Then she yells at the top of her lungs, shit on so and so, and shit on him too. I thought that is really nice to hear on Sunday morning when I am trying to watch my preacher on TV. I put my clothes on, and in about 2 minutes, some one knocks on my door. It was Ed, another of my neighbors, he asked me to move my truck, as they were taking out that dead tree (remember how long I have been trying to get them to remove it), and he didn't want it to fall on my truck. Well I moved my truck back, and stood out and watched the going's on. Randy, the maintenance man came with a big "brush hog" and pushed that tree down. I asked him if I was getting a new neighbor, and he pointed to, YOU guessed it, that same bi*** that was out there screaming her head off. Next thing I knew they had drug their brown storage bldg. over, they put it right in the yard between us, not at the back of the lot! So,now when I look outside, I will see their storage shed. They also have a lot of "yard art". Lights, statues etc.
I am so ready to get out of here. I am going to try my best to be out by the first. I am not sure I can do it, but I am sure going to give it a try. I have been happy here until the last year, and I have been very unhappy since. Going to get my truck inspected tomorrow, and go to my storage bldg. in town. Then I will start moving stuff around, so I can put my rooms in and try to air up my tires,on the side that comes out over them.


  1. You really need to get out of there quick! It is bringing you so down.

  2. I hope you can get out of there. Clearly you are not happy and that is not good for you.

    I will make my print larger, and thanks for your kind comment on my blog.