Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If I Didn't Have Bad Luck

What is the saying, if I didn't have bad luck I would have no luck at all! Yesterday was another one of those days. First my watch battery died. Sunday night the TV in my bedroom died. Monday I find the refrigerator is off! I noticed the antenna boost light was off, so I am figuring it's the fuse. Blown from trying to air up my tires. When your refrigerator won't come on, it is either, you have a dead battery, (I had checked that Sat. I knew it was OK)or a blown fuse, or your converter is out. I knew the converter was ok, because when I turned on 12 volt lights, it came on. So, had to be a fuse. So I get my fuse tester/puller and box of fuses. My fuse box is right by the entry door, hard for me to reach, because of my back and hip problems. So I call the office and ask if the maintenance man could come and put a fuse in for me, that my fridge was off and everything would spoil in this heat in a hurry. So, she says sure. I wait, and I wait, decided to take out my trash, and on the way to the trash bin, I see one on my neighbor men drive up in the golf cart. I hailed him and ask if he could put the fuse in for me. He says, wait, I will go get my glasses. So he comes back in a few mins. and about that time his wife comes running out to the street screaming, tell her to call the maintenance man! What in the H*ll did she think I was going to do? Steal her man? He says to me, I am a truck driver, I don't know much about electric! So I ask him, you CAN put a fuse in can't you? He just walked off.
Well I got all my stuff, flashlight, magnifying glass, my glasses, my cell phone, and my fuse puller, and fuses, got in the floor, and started pulling fuses. I got to tell you, this old, dumb ass lady fixed it!I called the ranger back and told her not to worry I took care of it!
Then I went to town, got a hair cut, stopped at Western Auto to look at their air compressors, the ones you can plug in to the electric. Decided I didn't want to spend $127.00, I told the clerk my problem with the blown fuses in my truck, she said it would cost $5.00 for them to ck it. So I say, OK, sounds good to me. I was sure too tired to try to fix that too. Didn't take the guy too long, but I had two, and he charged me $14.50! Lesson learned! I watched him and next time I will do it my self. After that I stopped at the store, by the time I got home I was in bad shape. My sugar had dropped to 76, I was afraid I would pass out. I took my "sugar" tabs and finally got to feeling OK.
I spent the day off and on in the bed! I am so tired and stressed, I don't know when I will move. I think if I ever do get out, I won't be back.
My friend that wants to go to Oregon has an antique store she is trying to sell out of, but it is slow going. I am hoping she will just wholesale it out, and we can go, before one of us can't!


  1. Theresa, you really need to get out of that Park, but then you know that. I sure hope you can go to Oregon soon.

  2. OMG, you really need to get out of that unhelpful, unfriendly place. I can't believe no one would come and help you. Our fridge went out in Colorado, while they were putting on our new roof, and it was a mess for weeks. The smell was very hard to get rid of. Hope your is alright.