Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too Hot!

I am finally able to post on my blog! I had downloaded a free software for my Droid phone to get online. However the free version blocked secured web sites. I guess Google is a really secure web site! I could read my Blog and others, but not post. I was able to purchase the version that would let me get on, for a total of $18.95, period. I still could not get my registration number to work. After contacting PDANet. several times, it works! I miss not being able to post to my Blog.
After getting my electric bill I decided to move. It was $190.00, I about had a heart attack. I worked trying to get ready to move. I got so hot, I thought I was having a heat stroke. I spent the remainder of the day in bed. I have a membership in Thousand Trails that allows me to stay two weeks for free, but I have to move every two weeks. That includes electric, unless you want 50 amps. 50 amps will cost you $3.00 per day. I am leasing a spot and have to pay for my own, so I thought I could reduce cost by moving, same park, to the sites I can use without paying electric! I will still try to do that, I just can't work outside in the heat. I am still planning a trip to New Mexico and the Balloon Fiesta. I have not been able to get online to make my reservations, so I hope I can still get a spot. Being sick today made me question my abilities to move this thing. I forgot to mention that I was sick in the first place with a bladder infection. That didn't help. Well as my Mother used to say, Tomorrow is another day!


  1. I used my A/C for a couple of hours last year on 30 amp elec., but I hear people talking about needing 50. I guess it depends whether you have more than one A/C, plus whatever other appliances you run. Y gotta stay cool though if you are in a hot spot such as you seem to be.

  2. $190.?!? Is that for one month? For my condo - I pay $50 to $60 a month and it's 1100+ square feet. I'd move ASAP, too! Hope you're feeling better.