Friday, August 20, 2010


Kandi was my Mother's Days gift from my grand kids, and their parents. She is such a "baby" she is two and half years old now. She has always slept with me. Even at 6 weeks old, never messed the bed! She was so easy to "potty" train. I buy the potty pads at Wal-Mart, and she just seemed to know what to do! When she was little she would whine and cry to wake me up to go to the potty, just like a baby! Kandi is a full blood poodle. This is my third and probably last one. I am highly allergic to dog hair and even more to cats! I love them all but can't have one in the house. Poodles don't shed hair! Of course they are high maintenance dogs, with the grooming, I have been doing that myself, not good at it,but keeps her looking half way decent. She is a good "watch dog". She barks when she hears something, even if it is at 3 am! This is my point. How in the world do you train them not to bark at everything? We were doing pretty good with our training, sit, stay, and working on walking with the leash on without choking her. Then I got lazy, and it got so hot, all the stickers,(remember the grooming) and ticks! The other night she just went crazy, bark, bark. I couldn't figure out what was wrong! Finally dawned on my, my tape deck was on, and all that was coming out of it was static. Now that's a watch dog for you!

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  1. Beautiful dog and you are doing a great job of grooming.

    We are highly alergic to pet dander, both of us, so having an animal in this small space is just not feasible. We had 5 pets at the stix and brix, and we really miss them. They of course, were all outside, but we made our large garage a pet home. We even had heat in it for them, and a large ceiling fan in summer. The cats (3 of them ) lived in the rafters where we had built storage space and the dogs below.