Sunday, August 22, 2010

Doesn't Work/ It Works!!

This is the 22 nd straight day of 100 degree temps! Too hot to do much outside. Today after listening to the church services on TV, I decided to try to fix some of my 12 volt plugs, and the TV in my bedroom that also quit on me. I have a 12 volt fan, and I plugged it in the 12 volt in my bedroom, and it works! Now to check my 12 volt extension cords. I plugged one in the bedroom 12 volt, and it kicked the fuse! So I now know that cord is no good. Now to replace the fuse again. Got my little tester, fuses, glasses and magnifying glass. I still had my nightgown on, I opened the door just a smidge, to hang my feet out so I could sit down and work on the fuse, and a gust of wind blew the door open, and my nightgown up! Good thing my neighbors can't see my front door, I would have really given them something to see! In any case I got the door closed and pulled the offending fuse, replaced it and everything works once again. Now I have another 12 volt extension cord, so I plugged it in that same place and it did not blow the fuse, but it doesn't work, so I tossed both of them. I still have a double 12 volt plug over the dining table, but I will check that later. Right now I really wanted to see about my bedroom TV. I am so used to listening to TV and drifting off to sleep. I have not been sleeping good in a week. I had tried to install a DVD player, and I could not do it. My son-in-law, a tech. couldn't do it, my RV repair man couldn't do it, so I have given up! Any way I turned the TV so I could see the back of the set. There were so many cords and wires, looked like a basket of snakes! Most of the older TV sets have a "reset" switch on the back, and I did see a switch, I pushed it, sorted through the cords, plugged everything in, and it works! I am just thrilled! This is a really old Orion TV with a built in VCR player, and it works on 12 volts. It is great when you don't have electric. You can't find VCR tapes any more, but I have a lot I made of vacation trips with my husband, so I want to keep a player. I have a "deck" in the living room that plays DVDs,and VCRs on the TV in the living room. I just like to lie in bed and watch old movies, and I have some DVDs of country western singing, some of them are not with us any more. My Sunday wasn't very restful, but it was productive!

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  1. I am with you on the tapes. I think the sound is better on them also. We have a player that plays both also and love it. We pick up a lot of old tapes at yard sales and second time around stores. Come in handy when nothing on TV. Stay safe.