Saturday, August 28, 2010

New TV

I made another trip to Wal Mart yesterday to get the TV I had looked at earlier. I ended up with a Sanyo, on sale for $178.00. It has a stand and I thought my DVD player would fit under the TV. I bought the 2 year extended warranty for $20.00. I don't know if I should have or not, but I did. I had more trouble putting that stand on than any thing else. By turning the TV sideways, I got it in the cabinet, then turned it to the front. I like it very much! I don't have to go through the DTV box. The only thing is I have the sound all the way up and have to really "listen" to hear it. Also I think the picture is a little dark, but I will work that out, hopefully. I was really tired after my drive to Hillsboro, and installing the TV. My old TV is really heavy, hard to get down. The Sanyo weighs about 8 lbs, and is about 2" in depth! I will have to secure it,some way, when travelling. I still don't know how I will connect the DVD player, it will not fit under the TV, and there is no "top" to sit it on. I think I need a shelf, above the TV. I will have to look around for that.
Slept really good last night, it was about 60 degrees this morning. What a nice change from the 100s we have been having. I hope the heat wave is over!


  1. Nice TV. There should be some way to control your audio in your menu. Glad you got one you like.

  2. I'm so glad to hear you are getting a break in the weather. Sacramento is having a cool spell too, but it will go back to hot the middle of the week.

    Congrats on getting that TV installed. Thank goodness they are so much lighter now than those huge heavy old things. I'm surprised you got the old one out by yourself - I doubt I could lift one.