Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hot Sunday

I was so tired and stressed out from all my work yesterday, I didn't manage to do much today. I did defrost my refrigerator. It needed it anyway, but the reason I cleaned it was I put a dish of dog food, dry kind, in there so as not to feed the "mice", and of course I knocked it over and dog chow went flying every where!
Too hot to work outside today and I am too tired. My spirit says get up and do it, but my old bones say, hey, wait a minute! I am still tired. I just sorted though some stuff I am selling on e-bay. I did take a nap, didn't help me much. It is just so hot. I hope this heat wave will end soon and I will be able to get it together. I will have to put off moving until I can get my tires checked. I don't want to ruin a tire, I sure don't need that expense too.
I talked to my friend who wants me to travel with her to Oregon, I told her you better get it in gear and let's go before I can't go. She and I are the same age. I think you should make an effort to "follow" your dream before you can't.


  1. Go, go, go to Oregon! Better weather there as an incentive!

  2. Take the trip, it will be good for you and you will get to spend time with your friend.