Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well I finally am able to post to my Blog using my Droid. I have not be able to get into Google at all. I hope I have it worked out now.
I managed to take Kandi to get her shots on the third. I got up early and drove the 20 or so miles to Hillsboro to the Paw Pals clinic, only to find the bldg. locked up tight! I came home and found their telephone number and called and was informed they had changed locations, but I could drive back to the new location! I called my Vet. here in Whitney and made an appointment for three. It was really hot by then, but I was able to get in, no waiting. So I guess that was a good thing. It was only a few dollars more than going to Paw Pals. Kandi is set for a year now, with all her shots, and six months for Heartguard. Here in Texas you must give it year round.
The last few days have been so hot! I put foil over the windows to keep the sun out. I feel like I am living in a metal box! Well, I guess I really am, after all. It did come a thunder storm yesterday and lower the temp a little. Not much rain for me. Hopefully I can get on my blog now!

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  1. I will be needing to get some of the shots, including rabies, for my dog in the next few months. I really like the Heartguard, although many vets don't prescribe or carry it. A lot of them prefer to sell you Interceptor at 3x the cost