Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Hot!

Not much to write about tonight. It is just plain hot! It is 102 at 10:00 pm. I truly hope I don't have to spend another summer in Texas, at least not in this site. I am parked where the west sun hits me on the front door side. There is no way to get any shade other than a carport, or plant trees. I think planting trees would take about 30 years to make any shade!
I did manage to go to my storage bldg. Just threw my junk in and left. When I opened that metal door a gust of hot air hit me, made me sick. Then I made a fast trip to the grocery store, and back home to get under the air. My days seem to get shorter and shorter. The weather man is talking about a break in the weather by next week. I really hope so, I am tired of the heat. It has really taken a toll on me this year. My friend wants me to go to Oregon with her, I may just take her up on it!

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