Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cold and Windy

Cold and windy today. Winds were up to 20 mph. I don't think I ever got warm. I am sure part of that is "old"age!
I drove to Hillsboro to do some banking and shopping, got a message on my cell phone the insurance adjuster was on his way to the park to see my rig. So, I had to turn around and come back here. I beat him by just about 5 mins. He wasn't prepared to climb on top of my rig, he was totally afraid to climb up the rear ladder! So he took pictures from the ground, and then pulled his car into the brush and stood on top of it to take pictures. What do you bet he was driving a company car? After he left I decided it was too late to go back to Hillsboro. I will save that for another day. I am glad that State Farm is on the ball, maybe it won't be too long before I will know something. I still need to talk to the manager of the park about extending my stay. I hope we can figure something out, I can't move until I get the slide rooms repaired.


  1. It's odd that an insurance adjuster would be afraid of doing things like climbing a ladder. I can zip up and down real easy, although getting startefd coming down isn't always pleasant. Hope you get it fixed soon.

  2. Well, that was quite the insurance adjuster you had. Guess his company should restrict him to vehicles no higher that 5 feet off the ground. Hope you can get your slide problem resolved soon.