Saturday, November 20, 2010

More on Sun Country

MY shoulder is bothering me somewhat today. I certainly don't know why, I haven't done anything of value. It's been a nice day, a little cool this morning, but sunny and warm this afternoon. I think maybe I am a little bit lazy! My neighbors on one side have a Pace Arrow motorhome. I noticed they have a "dome" satellite on the roof, and a "dish" setting on the ground? I wonder why they have two? They also have a propane tank outside on the ground, and I can see it has a connection going to the motorhome. I am sure the motorhome has a LP tank already!
Mmmm strange.
The people on the other side have a big Hitch Hiker 5 ft wheel. They worked for hours setting up. Got all their "stuff" out. A sewer hose support that looks like he made it by connecting short pieces of PVC pipe together. A rocking chair, another chair, table, and a crate full of "stuff" sitting under the king pin. But, he did not chock his wheels! That is the first thing I would have done before unhooking my truck. Sure wouldn't want it to roll and crunch my truck! Oh well, maybe he knows something I don't. Could be!
Sun Country has a lot of activities, if you want to take part. Among some of the activities, wood carving, Pokeno, Penny Bingo, Bingo, Poker,Church on Sunday,Bible Study,Men only coffee and outings to a little town close to Waco, hand and foot game. I don't see Mexican Train! That's my favorite domino game!

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  1. It is often the best part of being in an RV park and watching folks come in and see how they set up.