Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not doing a lot!

I really haven't done a lot today. I talked to the insurance company to make sure my RV repairman had faxed them the estimate. They did not have it, so that meant getting in touch with Jason's Mobile RV and make sure they had sent one. His wife does the bookwork etc. and she told me she had sent it, but would send again. I wanted to make sure everyone would send me a copy of all the paper work. I can't get mail here at this park, and to send it to my mail service would take FOREVER, one reason, I don't get mail every day. I usually have my mail forwarded every other week, but lately, I have been having it once a week. It takes two days to get here from Livingston, TX. I use Escapee's mail forwarding service. They are good, and not very expensive.
Welcome to my new readers The Bayfield Bunch. I follow your blog also!
Then I decided to look at apartments on line. I looked in my old area, Crowley, Burleson and Ft.Worth, Texas. I did find some that weren't too bad looking, and in my budget. But, when I saw swing sets, and sand boxes, my heart just said no,no,NO!
I raised four children, I have 12 grandchildren, I think at last count 17 great grand children. I just don't want to be around kids 24-7! The apartments looked to have three floors. I remember how my mother-in-law complained about her upstairs neighbors stomping around, and they complained to me, they could hear her crying. She said it was the TV. My RV is looking better and better, even if I have to live in it for a while. I have everything I need. If I owned a house, I would have repairs. People say, get an apartment, so you are not responsible for the repairs. I know that you can not always get the management to do the repairs. I guess if I ever get the RV ready to move, and I don't like where I am living, I can hook up and leave! I wouldn't have a lease to worry about. So, in a word I wasted the whole day, mulling over things I had already decided!


  1. I don't think you wasted anything. You just confirmed what you already know, and that is a big accomplishment. Sometimes we just don't like to admit our likes and dislikes, but doing so helps us make decisions.

    I can tell you there is a lot to be said for an apartment, but even more to be said against one. Please take heart and try to stay positive, because it really helps.

  2. I enjoy reading blogs where people are honest with their feelings. Likes & dislikes alike. Blogs are an excellent way of dealing with a wide array of emotions. Sometimes we find like minded people who understand & are there to help. That can make blogging a positive & beneficial experience:))