Monday, November 15, 2010


I moved out of my space today! I had a lot of trouble getting it all done. Thought I was having a heart attack once or twice, but I did it. I had a lot of trouble getting the front jacks pushed up. I lubed everything first, but I think it's just me. I used to run with them down about three holes. If your steps will clear, then so will your jacks. Then I just put blocks under them and let them down on the blocks. I didn't go but about one mile down the road from my park, to Lake Whitney RV and Golf Resort. It is a RPI park, and Coast to Coast. I thought I would get here in plenty of time to unhook, and go to the bank, and Wal Mart, but no such luck! There isn't a level spot anywhere to be found! Just grass, no patio. I will have to get level tomorrow, and unhook. I am just too damn tired tonight. Sitting here with my rooms still in. I have had a little to eat, and I am off to bed pretty soon.

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  1. Well good for you! Glad you got moved, and hope you can level up easily. If you can go one mile down the road, you can go to Q!