Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day From Hell!!

I have had trouble all day. Had trouble hooking up this morning. Some days I can get right "on it", some days I have to try two or three times, and that was today! Wore me out. Then I get to Thousand Trails, check in, go up to the pull thru's and not a one was available with sewer. I am driving around thinking I will have to have help backing in, when this lady stopped me and said there would be a pull thru in about 30 mins. So I sit in the middle of the street waiting for the people to get hooked up and leave. They had a big "hauler", with kids, bikes, and an extra car.
So after they left I pulled right in, well, not level! I thought I had enough blocks under my wheels to get fairly level. Worked hard setting up my sewer, water, and that heavy 50 amp cord. Went to put my room out, and my big room hung up! I have tried and tried, and finally I think the battery is dead. I am dead also! So here I sit, one room half way out, and off level! Just too tired to deal with it any more. I will go get a battery tomorrow. This is just too much fun!!!!!

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