Monday, November 29, 2010

Blue Monday

I did not get good news regarding my slide out room. It seems the motor that drives the rooms out is "toast", and to order a new one is over $600.00, which I paid today, so the repairman could order it. It may take longer than a week to get it from the mfg. I only have a week left in this park, then I have to do something. I am hoping Thousand Trails will let me extend my stay, I guess they will have to, since I can not move! I am still waiting for the insurance adjuster to come and take pictures, and see how much they will pay. It really puts a kibosh on my travel plans. I am pretty depressed over the whole thing. I am thinking about getting an apartment! It's not something I want to do, but I can't continue just making repairs on this rig! I am sure some of the problems are due to my mistakes, but surely not the motor going out! I suppose all I can do for now is wait and see.


  1. Could you rent a park model? I think I would prefer that over an apartment, but of course it would depend on where it was and how close together they are.

    I might think of doing that some day, and still have the truck and camper for traveling when I feel like it.

  2. My wife Kelly just came across your blog this morning & our heart's sure go out to you with all those problems you have been having. This recent spate of cold weather I'm sure has not helped with keeping one's spirits up either. Hang in there, warmer trouble free days are just ahead:))