Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sun Country

This RV park was known as Sun Country, a Coast to Coast park. Most people still refer to it that way. The golf course must be the draw, it is sure not the RV sites! I spent a miserable night last night. I hurt all over more than anywhere else! My should was so bad I couldn't raise my arm. I happened to have a icy hot patch, and that seemed to help. It is better today. I was so out of level last night, I had to hold on the drapes to keep from rolling out of bed! This morning I decided to move. I was drinking my coffee when I saw a rig pull out, and I decided to take his spot. Liked to have killed me, but I finally did move. Well, I am somewhat not level here either. I put 1" blocks on the low side and pulled up on them, I am still off a little, but I am totally wiped out. It will have to do. I had not seen anyone at the office when I came in, so I went and checked in. They are only open from 10:00 to 2 pm. It will cost me $10.00 per day including electric. I made arrangements to stay several days if I need to. The lady next door in nice, she came over to help when I was trying to get in. I think I may have been a little rude to her, but I was in so much pain. I did thank her later. Just as I was connecting my water this afternoon, this big Hitch Hiker pulled in next to me. The lady was driving. Gee, the two of them took longer to get set up than I did! Just when I thought they were through, I saw their rig moving again. Finally they got settled in. I am not used to having people that close to me! It's OK, it just startled me to have the man walking that close to my window!
There is a section here that has mobile homes. I will try to get some more pictures tomorrow, if I can get out of bed!

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