Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sunday a day of prayer and meditation. I watched my TV preaches, Dr.Adrian Rogers and Dr. Charles Stanley. I enjoy them very much. I try to follow along in my Bible,but Dr. Stanley goes so fast I can't!
It has been very windy here today. Gusts of wind up to 30 mph. I did not put my back jacks down because I wasn't feeling well, so the back end of this thing seems to be moving around a lot. I hope the wind is not blowing this much tomorrow. I will be moving back to Thousand Trails Whitney for two weeks. At least I will be there when the expected cold weather hits on Thursday morning. Thousand Trails is having a Thanksgiving Dinner, but I don't think I will attend. The bldg. where the dinner is served is sorta down hill, and I have a hard time walking up the hill to the parking lot. If the weather is as bad and cold as the weather man says, then I am better off at my little home, with a TV dinner! Without family it's just another day!

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  1. I agree it's just another day, and I feel the same about Christmas, and all other holidays. I think there is a potluck at the park I'll be arriving at tomorrow, but I won't have been there long enough to want to attend, and I won't be able to take anything since I don't have any supplies with me.

    Let me wish you a happy Thanksgiving anyway, whether you eat turkey or a frozen dinner!