Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wash Day

Today was a "laundry" day for me. I washed the sheets on my queen size bed. Getting it made up is no easy task. I have to pull the mattress out, almost off the base to get the fitted sheet back on. Kandi thinks this is great fun, she is jumping around on the blankets and bedspread I had thrown on the floor out of the way!
She had great fun and found one of her chew bones in the blankets!
I read a few blogs, but I am totally blown away by the number of blogs others read! I do sometimes look at a blog if it looks interesting. I think one blog I looked at must have had 50 blogs listed as blogs they read. How do they do that? I don't see how it is possible to read all those blogs, and still have time to write your own! Guess I am a lot slower than I thought!
I started this, so called, travel blog, with the help of fellow SOLO's member Diana, I was mainly looking for singles that travel alone, full time, and how they got started. Where they stay etc. But I have found several couple's blogs to be very interesting and I follow them also.
It has been suggested that I join groups for single women. I have heard also there are a lot of "gay" gals in those groups. I am NOT one of those gals! I have never believed in segregated groups, for any type, schools included. We all live in a world where there are men and women. I welcome friendship from all!


  1. A lot of the blogs I read don't post every day, and if I have to miss a day or two, I can usually go back and get caught up. When I am stuck here in the house doing laundry and different chores is when I really can get caught up.

  2. I find the same thing as Pidge - some of the blogs in my list haven't posted for a couple of weeks. When my days are "full" as they have been this past few, then I don't get a chance to read each and every one, but take a moment to glance at the old standbys.