Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
My troubles with my RV just seems to get worse by the hour!My big slide out room was stuck half way out, and could not get it back in. When I pushed the button to bring the slides in/out, nothing happened. I thought maybe it was my battery. But alas, it is the the motor, my RV repairman thinks. He got the rooms in, and then couldn't get them back out, so last night I slept with them in. This morning he came back, and decided that indeed the motor was out. Also,on the big slide out room, the rubber seal at the top had rolled up, stopping the slide out, and tearing the roof. He did manage to get the two rooms out by disconnecting them and hand pumping the rooms out. My bedroom slide is still in the IN position. I will need a new roof and who knows what else. I will call my insurance co. Friday. I doubt if anyone is working , but maybe so. Looks like I will sit here for a while. I can't move because the rooms are out.
On a good point, my neighbors invited me over for a elegant turkey dinner today. I didn't know them at all. Such a nice gesture. She had a turkey, dressing, salad, mashed potatoes,sweet potatoes, broccoli and a nice white wine if I wanted. I felt if I had a glass of wine, they would have to carry me back to my rig! I am so depressed, and have not idea of what is next to come. I know I can't stay in the rig while they put the roof on. Well it is just FUN FUN AND MORE FUN!!

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